What is the GMTK Game Jam?

Game Maker’s Toolkit (GMTK) is a YouTube channel which provides high quality educational content for Game Creators at all levels of experience, from indie to AAA studios.

In 2018, GMTK hosted their second annual game jam – a competition in which developers have just 48 hours to create a game. The theme for 2018 was Genre without Mechanic, each team was tasked with making a game from a pre-existing genre excluding a core component of what usually defines that genre.

How did we go?

After an exceptionally busy and tiring 48 hours, our game was live on Itch.io!

You can play it in a web browser on your laptop/desktop, no download required.

Original imagery and text left intact from our sleepless Monday morning eyes…

All that was left was to wait for the results of the community vote to play out and then for Mark Brown (Creator of GMTK) pick his top 20.

We made the top 20!

The GMTK YouTube channel released a video wrapping up the competition and Mark’s top 20 entries (in no particular order) and we were featured!

We are thrilled by the outcome and very thankful to everyone who checked out our game and gave it a rating.

A huge thank you to the artists, musicians and sound designers who made their assets free to use online, we think the game looks and sounds great and we owe that in part to you! You’ve been exhaustively credited in the game!

Click the link above for a timestamp, or watch below for the full video.

You can also find us in the GMTK Jam winners page.


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